Working with Tyler has provided an insightful and practical approach to building a business with the tools and ideas necessary to thrive in the modern social, political and cultural landscape. Her ideas and strategies employ only the most current thinking with regard to building community, managing expectations and delivering results that drive effective growth.
— Ifanyi Bell, Founder & COO, Brushfire Creative Partners
I worked with Tyler on a project that, with multiple stakeholders, dozens of countries and varied team players, required consistent, managed communication and messaging that she handed with fantastic skill. She has a rare combination of maintaining a strategic approach and results-oriented efficiency that came to be an essential part of our success. In addition, her personable style made the experience for our whole team not only enjoyable, but also helped keep engaged our communities to whom she was reaching out.
— Gwen Davidow, Senior Director of Global Corporate Programs & Operations, World Environment Center
I worked with Tyler for two years on a complex project to develop a software platform and a community to support it. Tyler brought a very fresh and creative perspective to the project and was tireless in her efforts to keep the project moving forward, meeting objectives and goals on time and budget. She is very well organized and efficient and has enormous skill in distilling ideas and information to design projects and programs. Her personable communication style has helped her build communities and keep them engaged. She was a tremendous asset to our project.
— Marie Deatherage, Former Director of Communities, Meyer Memorial Trust
I had the pleasure of working Tyler, while I was at Knight Foundation, to create a platform and program to recognize, lift up, and connect engaged black men. The ideas she brought to the table were thoughtful and insightful. She listened to what we had to say, took criticism well, kept us on track, and helped us launch a powerful project. If the opportunity presented itself, I’d love to work with her again.
— Donna Frisby-Greenwood, President & CEO, The Fund for the School District of Philadelphia