People. Process. Potential.

I work tirelessly to help brands understand and reach their customers in new and innovative ways. I design and implement user-centered campaigns and programs, which often means I oversee brand alignment, and run high-performance teams to ensure successful execution. This work has allowed me to travel to far corners of the world, discover what gets people to tick and help organizations build communities.

I believe in the wisdom of crowds and the innovative power of collectives. I am always on the hunt for fresh ways to intrigue people, create transactions, systems and processes that serve as the foundation for long-term relationships. I find mentoring global teams absolutely thrilling, working across cultures and timezones to knock projects out of the park for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. I've led work for Microsoft, Frontier Communications, Amgen, Nike, Omidyar Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Knight Foundation to name a few.

I went to school for my passion in politics and love of numbers, Political Science at UCLA, Policy at Georgetown. I love questioning the status quo, pushing my lethargic body to the limit - whether it's cycling, diving or even eating, and especially exploring/lazing about in new cities. Proud dog mommy to two chihuahuas, owner of bars, wife to the best chef I know.