People. Process. Systems. Results.

Big hairy problems to solve have me jolt up out of bed in the morning and scribble to do lists all day. Understanding how things and people work is a lifelong adventure that I never want to stop. With each problem, I learn and grow to do better the next day. I am proud of my research skills as it fuels my tireless pursuit for new experiments and tests that get me closer to answers. With each answer, quickly comes the realization of how little we truly know with new questions to answer. How absolutely thrilling! With each lesson, I love designing new systems and processes to continuously improve and to build longevity into problem-solving. 

I have worked with over 30 companies, traveled to nearly 40 countries, managed teams across 5 continents (at one point, all at once and managed to sleep) and each experience makes me who I am today. There were many long nights and weekends, though I have gotten quite well-versed in maximizing leisure time, I would not have wanted it any other way. Each new perspective lends me to see challenges in multitude of ways, ability to empathize with customers from all walks of life. When I joined Microsoft, I was thrilled that I got to tackle new challenges at a scale that many rarely get to see. And scale is indeed a defining characteristic, each solution I put forth impacts millions of people, recharging my batteries each time. Nothing is more thrilling than seeing things get unstuck. 

I am in constant search for ever-hairier challenges, those that confront companies as well as our society. I push myself to my limits on a regular basis, challenging myself to tackle new terrain whether that's mental or physical. Let's talk. We can chat about training for a 565 mile cycling ride, tending bar, establishing a small business, learning to make handmade pasta, or starting up a monthly salon for social justice in your hometown.